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Are you tired of the constant pressure to scale your agency or hire salespeople, only to end up working long hours with little to show for it?

It's your time to break free from the traditional agency grind and focus on building true wealth and a legacy that matters.

Join us at the Profitable Agency Wealth Summit (PAWS), where industry leaders, including keynote speaker Gino Wickman, will guide you on the path to profitability, work-life balance, and client satisfaction.
Discover actionable strategies to grow your agency without sacrificing your happiness.

Plus, 50% of the profits go to support no-kill shelters, allowing you to make a positive impact beyond your agency.

(It’s worth more if you get one 
new customer per tactic you learn)

Don't miss out – sign up for our masterclasses and start shaping the agency and life you've always wanted!
  • Are you burnt out on your agency?  
  • Trying to scale but spinning your wheels?
  • Trying to figure out how or even If you can exit?
  • Want to love your work again?
  • Do you want to build a legacy and an impact, while taking home profits TODAY?

We designed The Profitable Agency Wealth Summit (PAWS) for agency owners for You.

It's for those who are tired of the conventional approach of constantly scaling their agencies or hiring salespeople (unsuccessfully) without seeing significant returns.

There are so many agency owners caught in the “one day” trap.

“One day I’ll have the money to do the things I love.”
“One day I’ll sell the agency and be happy again.”
“One day I'll have time to give back and build a legacy.”
“One day I’ll take a REAL vacation.”
“One day I wont have to work late nights.”
“One day I wont have to stress about payroll.”

One day never comes, UNLESS you make one day today!!

Shift your focus towards building genuine wealth, taking home profits, and creating a meaningful legacy while enjoying your work and life.

You know, what you thought you’d have when you started your agency!

If you're an agency owner who feels overwhelmed, overworked, and wants to regain control of your agency and your time, this event is for you.

PAWS is ideal for those who believe in delivering real results to their clients and value client satisfaction.



Discover strategies to grow your agency without sacrificing your happiness and well-being.

On April 2nd, learn how to:

  • Break free from the pressure to constantly scale your agency
  • ​Reconnect with your passion for your agency work
  • ​Achieve a better work-life balance and reclaim your time
  • ​Delegate the right things PROFITABLY
  • Surround yourself with the RIGHT people
  • ​Add agency revenue streams without hiring
  • ​Develop a “No Selling” sales system (that you will enjoy)
  • ​Create a steady stream of 50 QUALITY leads a year without spending a dollar on ads 
  • ​Understand the REAL numbers that matter for agency profitability
  • ​Prepare your agency for potential future high value sale if that's your goal
  • ​Land (and create) $100k+ clients using YouTube
Featured Expert Sessions

Join the following experts on Tuesday, April 2nd:

Ben LeDonni

President | BNP Engage

  • The 5 Steps to Making Creative Massively Profitable Agency
  • The P&L Shift He Took That Transformed His Profits
  • ​How to Prevent Burnout

Gino Wickman

Author | Entrepreneurial Leap & Rocket Fuel

  • The 5 Pillars to Building an AMAZING Life Around Your Business
  • ​Why a $100m Company Won't Make You Happy
  • ​The 4 Quadrant Method to Find Your Zone of Genius

Mandi Ellefson

CEO & Advisor | Hands-Off CEO

  • How to Stop Being Stuck Building Out Systems You DONT NEED
  • The One Shift to Creating $1 Million Agency Offers
  • The 4 Changes to Profitably - Scale from $1MM to $10MM 

Greg Hickman

Owner & Founder | AltAgency

  • Massive Shift Between Retainer vs. Program Membership vs. Recurring 
  • How to Productize and Add Revenue Streams to Your Agency
  • Why You Might Not WANT to Sell Your Agency and What to Do Instead

Jeremy Weiz

Co-Founder | Rise25

  • How Jeremy Uncovered 27 High-Quality Referrals in A SINGLE DAY
  • The Indirect Ask Method that Landed a $100k Client 
  • The Secret to Building a 7-figure Agency in 3 Years Without Outbound Sales or Ads

Taylor McMaster

Founder | Dot & Company

  • Increase Profits by Creating BIGGER Clients
  • Retainer Talent Longer, Reduce Churn by Keeping Them in Their Zone of Genius
  • ​The Powerful Client Almanac Method to Keep Clients Longer (and Boost Profits)

Nicole Osborne

Marketing Coach for Digital Agency Founders

  • LinkedIn Still Rocks for QUALITY Client Acquisition
  • How to NOT Sound “Salesy”
  • Adopt the 'Orange Van' Strategy: 5 Steps to Differentiate Your Agency
  • ​3 Formats for Showcasing Client Wins and Driving FOMO on LinkedIn

Kasim Aslam

Founder & CEO | Solutions 8

  • Unlock the Secret Weapon of Top Agencies: Why People Outshine Processes and Programs
  • The 10% Rule That Transforms Good to Great: How Paying Above the Norm Attracts 5X Performers
  • ​From Application to Ace: The 4-Step Hiring Gauntlet That Guarantees Only the Best

Dobbin Buck

Co-Owner & Chief Revenue Officer | GetUWired

  • How HeTweaked His Agency to Unlock Himself to Work Only 21 Hours
  • Simple Tweaks for Balance in Agency Life
  • 10 Non-negotiables for Growing a 50-Person Agency

Jeff Cypher

Productivity Professor |

  • Maximize Your Agency Team Members Zone of Genius
  • ​Increase Profits FAST by Stopping the 2 Biggest Profit Leaks
  • ​Charge More and Retain More with The 1-3-5 Take

Drew McLellan

CEO | Agency Management Institute

  • The Methodology to Set Appropriate and Achievable Growth Goals
  • ​Where Agencies Get “Stuck” and How to Avoid Those Pitfalls
  • ​How to Grow with Your Current Book of Business

Manish Dudharejia

Founder | E2M Solutions

  • The 5 Mental Model Frameworks to Help Get You to a 7-figure Agency
  • How to Use the Mental Models for Hiring and Retaining the Right Employees 
  •  How to Evolve Your Mindset to Make Smart Decisions for Your Agency

Ralph Burns

Founder & CEO | Tier 11

  • The #1 EOS Tool Every Digital Agency Should Use
  • ​When and How to Hire a Digital agency Integrator
  • Stay Focused and Profitable using the 90 Day Strategy

Noel Andrews

Owner & CEO | Jobrack

  • How to Build an Amazing Remote Team Culture
  • ​Fostering Relationships with Your Remote Team Members to Boost Employee Retention... And Profit!
  • ​​How to Hire Team Members That Will WOW Your Clients and Deliver You the Agency You Want

Marcel Petitpas

Co-Founder & CEO | Parakeeto

  • How to Measure & Improve Agency Profitability
  • ​The 3 Key Levers for Improving Margins and How to Move Them
  • What Core Financial Factors to Look Out For
  • ​The Exact Formulas Needed for Calculating Your Targets

Todd Taskey

M&A Advisor | Potomac Business Capital

  • How to Create Economic Value and Personal Wealth Through Creative Transactions
  • ​The Biggest Factors That Affect Your Agency’s Valuation
  • ​When You Should Pivot Your Focus to EBITDA for Selling Your Agency

Nathan Hirsch

Co-Founder | TrioSEO

  • The Two Most Important Digital Agency Hires (And Exactly How to Hire Them)
  • ​The Secret to Growing Your Agency Using Podcast Guesting
  • ​How To Hire, Train, and Retain Top VAs

Brent Weaver

Director | DigitalOcean

  • What To Do Now That You’ve Made It
  • ​How to Make Sure You’re Paying Yourself Fairly and Still Making a Profit
  • ​Why Money Doesn’t Provide Fulfillment, and What DOES Drive Happiness and Fulfillment


Dan Kuschell

Founder | Breakthrough3x

  • The 5-Step System to Get More Leads, Appointments, and Clients to Grow Your Agency Exponentially—with Greater Profits and Freedom
  • ​Discover why traditional marketing, sales, and branding are outdated—and learn what to do instead to grow exponentially.
  • ​The Financial Framework to Accelerate Cash Flow and Grow Your Profits Predictably (Even If Your Profits Are Razor-Thin Today)

Nick Loise

Founder & Chief Sales Officer| Sales Performance Team LLC 

    Unlock Your Access to 20 World-Class Agency Owner Masterclasses!
    Discover the Latest Strategies That Top Agencies Owners Are Using Today. 
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    I want to:
    • Become the AUTHORITY in my industry
    • ​Use video to attract the BEST clients and customers 
    • ​Uncover simple, video techniques that will quickly affect my bottom line
    • Stop my competition from leapfrogging me
    • Build my thought leadership
    • ​Sell my services virtually
    • ​Build extra revenue streams using video
    • ​Decrease my time "selling" my expertise to my prospects
    • ​Increase Profits 25 to 100% without learning complex technology
    • ​Be inspired to be great on video
    • Grow a community that I can inspire and profit from
    • ​Discover how to drive massive referrals


    Founder of Agency Master 360

    Jason started and sold his own agency, Solar Velocity, for 8 figures. His agency worked with brands like AT&T, Hitachi and Lotus Cars.

    He is currently the host of the #1 digital agency podcast, "Smart Agency Master Class Podcast."

    Jason now runs a unique consultancy helping agencies grow faster. He has helped over 20,000 marketing agencies.


    Founder of

    Ian (pronounced EYE-AHN) has been an agency owner for the last 15 years and has produced over 15,000 videos.

    He runs YouTube campaigns for agencies, law firms, financial firms, and healthcare providers.

    He is the author of the #1 Best Seller “Video Testimonials that Land the Big Fish.”

    He has recorded over 500 episodes of the Garlic Marketing Show and has produced over 10 marketing courses .

    We believe all digital agency owners should take home profits NOW.

    We believe you should define wealth in YOUR terms.
    We too believe in legacy!

    Legacy is not just about leaving a bunch of money to your kids and a few charities.

    Legacy means making an impact NOW.

    We love animals and our dogs.

    Over 920,000 animals are euthanized in shelters every year.

    We want to make a dent in that number. 

    We want to raise awareness and give back.

    50% of all summit profits will be donated to "no kill shelters."

    I’m flown around because I create videos that get results.

    Businesses would hire other filmmakers. They would spend a ton on pretty videos… that did nothing. 

    “Ian, we need you.”

    They tried hiring local videographers but it was always a crap shoot because while they need the essentials there, the skill is not filmmaking. The skill is understanding marketing. 

    It’s understanding business goals.

    And it’s understanding how to persuade the viewer.

    Those are the skills they don't teach in film school. Hell, they don’t teach them well in most marketing degrees. 
    I’ve hired masters of marketing and had to completely retrain them.

    So we started You can learn the strategies, then you can find the videographers and editors around the world to implement those strategies for you.

    (If you’re one of those film creators, you can apply to become a certified partner).

    I wasn't done with I want us to be your ULTIMATE resource for business video.
    There is too much happening in video for me to figure out every tactic. 

    To be amazing at video you don’t have to know how to do every video tactic.

    The upper hand advantage comes in knowing all of the video tactics that are really working.

    I’ve been in the top marketing masterminds. I’ve shot 300 episodes of the Garlic Marketing Show.  
    I’ve been blessed to know some of the greatest minds in marketing and business. 

    They are also some of the best people I know. 

    I knew at the beginning of the lockdown, video was going to hit another level.

    I reached out to all of my contacts I knew were rocking it with video . 
    I asked them to share what’s really working, and over and over I heard “Hell yes, we will help.”

    And the Giants of Video was born. 
    Unlock Your Access to 20 
    World-Class Agency Owner Masterclasses!
    Discover the Latest Strategies That Top Agencies Owners Are Using Today. 

    For a limited time, seize the opportunity to access this exclusive content for FREE right now.

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